Specifications – 2020

Foundation & Concrete

  • 16” x 8” Concrete Footings.
  • 26” x 26” x 8” Concrete Pads.
  • 8” Concrete Foundation Walls (25MPA-3600 psi) with Horizontal (15 mil x 6 rows) and Vertical (15 mil x 3 ft. intervals) reinforcing or as per engineering details.
  • 8” x 36” Concrete Grade Beams (25MPA-3600 psi), reinforcing as above on 12” x 15’ min. piles (as required).
  • 3-4” Concrete Basement Floor w/fibermesh (25MPA-3600 psi) over 6” radon rock and 6 mil poly c/w void around perimeter walls.
  • 3-4” Concrete Garage Floor (32MPA-Type 50, sulfate resistant-4500 psi), over 6” granular fill, and 10 mil rebar @ 18-24” on centers, running each way and tied into grade beam with 15 mil. dowels.
  • Concrete Frt. Step-Duramix (32MPA-4500 psi), Sidewalk & Driveway-Exposed Aggregate (30MPA-4300 psi).
  • Concrete(Skimcoats) for Crawlspaces where walkouts w/truss floor systems to be (20MPA-3000psi) w/fibermesh
  • Continuous Weeping Tile covered with crushed rock around house perimeter footing and drained into the sump hole which is connected to the sewer system. (Provided it is a Building Code Requirement for that specific city, town, acreage or municipality). Anything other would be an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Asphalt damp proofing below grade on exterior foundation walls.
  • Parging applied to exposed foundation walls and steps.
  • 2” x 10” or 2” x 12” fir laminated beams c/w 3” teleposts or as per plan.
  • Steel Beams c/w adjustable 3” or manufactured teleposts as per engineered design, or as per plan.
  • All concrete work is to confirm to engineer’s drawings.
  • Concrete piles required for specific plans (bi-levels) or, as required if loose fill in bottom of basm’t hole once excavated are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Also, Note: Rural Areas and Subdivisions, that cannot use piles for Foundations due to soil Conditions will be Engineered on Spread Footings and taller Grade Beams

Framing & Roofing

  • 16” BCB. or 22” BCB. Pre-engineered Floor Trusses @ 19.2” o.c., as per plan-engineered.
  • 3/4” OSB T&G floor glued nailed and screwed to joisting.
  • Bridging and blocking as required.
  • Exterior house walls 2”x 6”, basement and garage walls 2”x 6” KD spruce studs @ 24” on centers (with exception of staggered studs behind Kitchen Cabinetry on exterior walls).
  • Interior walls 2” x 4” KD spruce studs at 16” on centers (with exception of any walls required for mechanical to be 2” x 6” or as required @16”o.c.).
  • 7/16” OSB Roof Sheathing & 3/8” OSB Wall Sheathing
  • Pre-engineered Roof Truss System @ 24” on centers by Truss Manufacture.
  • 30 year “CertainTeed” LANDMARK series shingles or approved equal c/w Roofers Select – a high performance underlayment, which provides a water-resistant layer over the roof sheathing and a secondary barrier against leaks; Weather Pro roof vents, drip edge and flashing as required

Exterior Windows & Doors

  • ALL WINDOWS – APEX PVC 9100 Series-White (HS5-Sunstop/Clear/Clear/Argon Filled) by All Weather or Equal as per plan (picture, awning & casement).
  • WeatherGard 1000 Series-(White) Smoothie Fiberglass NAPLES #106-366-2 or Equal, Entry Door units as per plan on exterior doors by All Weather or Equal (any sidelights to be matching), RENOLIT or APEX 9950 Windows, Designer or Textured fiberglass entry doors are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Screens on all venting windows. NOTE: Window grills, SDL Bars, Any Obscured Windows, and LARGER Basement Windows are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Deadbolts to all exterior house doors, with the exception of Front Entry to be Push Button Power Bolt by Schlage or Equal.
  • Insulated Steel garage door (CHI 2206/4206 – R13.4 Value) or equal. Any Glass- an OPTONAL EXTRA.
  • 3-PVC –HS4A (Sunstop, Clear, Argon Filled) Awning (full vent) Basement window units by All Weather or equal 2-100 52A PBW (R.O.-40 3/8” x 21 5/8”) & 1-135 52 A PBW (R.O.-54 1/8” x 21 5/8”)

Insultation & Poly

  • Exterior house & basement walls R20 fiberglass batts-CMHC approved.
  • House ceiling R60 blown or R60 fiberglass batts (vaulted ceilings)-CMHC approved.
  • 6 mil poly-CGSB, frame caulked, poly pans and vapor caulked.
  • Caulking on all required exterior locations.
  • Joist spaces, cantilevers, and around basement stairs to be fiberglass batts and/or core board.
  • SEALING OF RIM JOISTS-6 mil poly to wrap outside exterior rim joist of floor trusses, to come up and seal to inside of exterior framed walls(main and 2nd fl) and to also wrap over basement wall plate and seal over top of basement framed wall


  • 100 Amp. 84 cct. breaker panel, located in Furnace/Mechanical Room, Coordinate with Mechanical.
  • Poly pans around all electrical outlets and lights on insulated exterior walls and ceilings.
  • Doorbell with standard chime, button at front door only.
  • Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detector as required per Code.
  • 2-Exterior GFI weatherproof plugs and covers, front and back as per plan, interconnected by (1) – GFI plug or Breaker.
  • Light Fixture Allowance to be $1.59/sq ft Taxes Paid @ Builder’s Discount (Includes All Light Fixtures, Standard Spec-Pot Lights, Bulbs-LED or Other and Door Bell).  NOTE: Any Additional potlights and Vapor Boxes are to be an OPTIONAL Extra
  • Light outlet over kitchen sink, as per plan – (1) included, more than (1), an OPTONAL EXTRA.
  • GFI plugs in all bathrooms are interconnected by (1) – GFI plug or Breaker.
  • All Electrical outlets as per code and as per plan, (locate on site w/electrical walkthrough).
  • Decor plugs and Decor switches thru-out (Note: tamper proof plugs on below counter height plugs)
  • Range Hood or OTR Microwave outlet, Units supplied by owner or an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Dryer (220V) outlet and washer (120V) outlet in all homes.
  • Jet tub wiring, if plan or contract indicates an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Dishwasher wiring and hook-up – if unit supplied, Unit supplied by owner or an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • 3-Telephone (Cat5E) outlets – Terminated and 3-Cable T.V. outlets – NOT Terminated (locate on site w/electrical walkthrough).
  • Arc Fault Protection on all bedroom outlets, as required per code.
  • Wiring provided for Furnace, HRV c/w Timers, Power Vent water heater and Little Giant Sump Pump
  • Wiring provided for exterior basement walls as per code.
  • Garage wiring on 1-circuit. This includes outlet for garage door opener. OPTIONAL 3-car garage requires 2-circuits.
  • One (1) Island power outlet,as per code, any additional ones will be an OPTIONAL EXTRA
  • Any additional power, lighting, telephone, cable outlets and hook-ups or specialty wiring (sound system, etc) are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.


  • Daikin DM96VE0803BNA or Equal- Energy Star (96%) high efficient gas furnace – furnace sizing per heat load requirements of home c/w Duct Sealing
  • Fresh air duct to return of HRV system with insulated flexible duct.
  • Hot air outlet locations to be determined on site.
  • Return air outlet locations to be determined on site.
  • White, Beige 3×10” hot air registers.
  • Honeywell Pro T6 Programmable digital set-back thermostat.
  • All venting as per code and design.
  • NOTE: All 2 storey designs – Truss cavity used as return air; No direct piping.
  • Duct Cleaning prior to possession of home.
  • Any additional ductwork or equipment is an OPTIONAL EXTRA.


  • Air to Air –Non Energy Star (LifeBreath RNC-205) or Equal HRV exhaust system to have inlets in each bathroom and kitchen.
  • Air to Air (HRV) c/w 20 Min.Timers and Main Dehumidistat wall control.
  • Air to Air (HRV) and furnace to be electrically interconnected.
  • Ductwork for Range hood or OTR Microwave to be vented to exterior of home.
  • Range hood or OTR Microwave Units – an OPTIONAL EXTRA or supplied by owner.
  • New Home Mechanical Walkthrough and 1 year T & C Plus Protection tune-up.


  • 2 or 3 Rough-in central vac outlets as per plan, locate on site, stubbed through floor to basement ceiling space. Central Vac Unit- an OPTIONAL EXTRA, and requires separate power outlet.
  • All Vac Outlets are left stubbed into basement ceiling space and not joined.
  • Basement central vac collection system piping (joining of stubbed vac outlets) is an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Any additional vac outlets or vac pans is an OPTIONAL EXTRA.


  • 50 U.S. Gal. A.O.Smith Proline XE(Power Direct Vented) gas water heater or EQUAL.
  • Wirsbo aquapex water lines to all fixtures.
  • 2-3/4” Lawn service valves with back flow prevent or as per plan.
  • 3-piece drain rough-in in basement (36” shower, toilet, basin).
  • Hot and cold hose bibb connections in mechanical room.
  • 1-1/2” stand pipe in mechanical room.
  • 3” floor drain in mechanical room.
  • Little Giant 6 Series-1/3HP Sump Pump c/w 1 ½” Discharge to exterior of home, onto Splash pad
  • Mainline whole home back water valve for back-up prevention located where sewer enters home.
  • Kitchen – Franke/Regionox double compartment stainless steel sink (RDL2031/7).

– Riobel Pro Series-Njoy NJ201C-CH single lever faucet

– Grohe pantry faucet (#20.440) or Equal- an OPTIONAL Extra

– Dishwasher hook-up (Dishwasher supplied by owner or an OPTIONAL EXTRA).

  • Bathrooms – Laminate Vanity Tops, with (1) Gerber Maxwell 12-834 Drop in Sink, banjo style tops in main bath only or as per plan.

– Basins Faucets – Riobel Pro Series-Njoy NJ01C- CH with mechanical pop-up drain.

– Toilets – Gerber Viper Round Front 6 L. or Equal, standard color is white.

– Shower – Hytec 3740-36” fiberglass shower stall, standard color is white.

– Shower Door- Shodor Chrome/Clear.

An OPTIONAL Extra – Hytec 4820-4’ or S600-5’ 3-wall showers with Chrome/Obscured Door

– Tub – Hytec 5696/5697 bathtub, 3- wall, with ceramic tile surround & soap/shampoo holder. Standard color is white.

– Tub/Shower Faucets – Riobel Pro Series-Njoy NJ271/R71-EX- CH pressure balanced faucets.

– Accessories – Method (YB2408CH) Pivot Paper Holder and Method (YB2424CH) 24” Towel bar, Standard color is chrome.

  • An OPTIONAL Extra – Hytec AC6060-5’Corner Soaker or Hytec AC6060RCMJ6-5’Corner 6-jet Acrylic Whirlpool , and Hytec Caracus AC350-6’ Drop in Soaker or Hytec AC350-6’ 6-jet Drop in Whirpool or, as per plan, sized accordingly-corner or rectangular. Inclds (Tub faucet – Riobel Pro Series-Njoy NJ18C Single Hole Deck- CH Roman Tub Filler).
  • All plumbing as per code and design.
  • Custom Showers and Custom Shower Doors are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Any additional plumbing, equipment or fixtures is to be an OPTIONAL EXTRA.


  • Heatilater (Rave Wide Screen-26,000 BTU’s /Hr.c/w Porcelain Liner, choice of fronts and media). Or Heat-N-Glow (Pier-TRC -23,000 – 37,800 BTU’s/Hr. c/w fan kit and Brass/Chrome Accent) (70 + % efficiency) gas fireplaces by Northern Fireplace or Equal c/w an OPTIONAL EXTRA or as per plan and design.
  • Fireplace detail: Finish is ceramic surround (approx. 6” around). NO CABINETRY UNITS, SHELVING or MANTLES – OPTIONAL EXTRA.

Drywall & Interior Finishes

  • 1/2” drywall on walls, nailed, screwed and glued (house).
  • Standard round drywall corners, metal and paper as required.
  • 1/2” CD fiber board on insulated ceilings (house).
  • 1/2” AquaBoard or Equal in bathroom areas as required.
  • 3/8” OSB sturdi-wood on common wall between house and garage.
  • All ceilings are painted (flat white) and finished in spantex.
  • Heritage (Painted) doors and bifolds, c/w MDF painted or Equal jambs.
  • 3” MDF (C325) or Equal casings, trim, and baseboards(B325)Heritage package. Maple or Other -an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Pantry door if, per plan, Birch French door c/w glass (std. choices) trimmed & stained to match cabinetry.
  • Casings around doors and windows to have mitered corners-MDF painted or Equal.
  • Baseboards to have corner block in corners (not mitered)-MDF painted or Equal
  • 40-42” high stub walls (capped-MDF, Maple or Equal), Any Railing (MDF-painted, Maple-stained, Metal)- an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Weiser-Halifax or Equal latch sets thru-out, with privacy locks on all bathrooms.
  • Cabinetry as per Design by Columbia Cabinetry or Equal, including Heritage, Yorkshire or Glendale style in Oak or Maple, or Belview in white thermofoil c/w Crown moulding on top and 1 ¼” round knobs and/or 3” matching pulls
  • Cabinetry to have One bank of drawers to Kitchen, and Vanity cabinets 30” and wider to have Two drawers where plumbing permits.
  • Bevelled Edge Laminate tops where there is no seam at sink location, Otherwise, Granite or Quartz top w/ Undermount Sinks, which is an OPTIONAL EXTRA
  • Mirrors in all bathrooms, length of vanity top, where banjo-top (main bath only)-all others an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • MDF shelving in all closets (Bedrooms- (1) rod & shelf, with exception of Master-double rod & shelf as suits, Organizers (bank of shelves) – an OPTIONAL EXTRA
  • Pantry and Linen closets – (4) shelves as suits, Laundry Rm. – (1) shelf over washer and dryer.
  • Stained or painted cold air grills.
  • 3/8” FibreFlor(Premium) Underlayment, glued and ring nailed under all lino areas. (10 yr. limited warranty). NOTE: With OPTIONAL Ceramic Tile flooring-3/8” plywood in all ceramic tile areas.


  • All Walls, 3-Coats of latex paint thru-out by Cloverdale (Performance Plus Super Acrylic II Eggshell), or EQUAL (1) primer and (2) finish coats.
  • All Trim woodwork to be STAINED (as Cabinetry Colour, supplied by Cabinet Supplier) and/or PAINTED (EcoLogic Waterborne Semi- Gloss) NOTE: All Stained Wood work is sealed with Laquer (Excel Plus 25)
  • All Interior doors, bifolds (Heritage) and Shelving to be PAINTED (EcoLogic Waterborne Semi -Gloss)
  • All Exterior doors and /or sidelights to be Painted WHITE, Any Others Painted Another Color – an OPTIONAL EXTRA
  • 2-Colour choices for Walls and 1-Colour choice for Trim thru-out, 3rd and more to be an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Any Staining of woodwork, trim, interior & exterior doors, is SUBJECT to a Change Order and, also to be NOTED that there may be VARIATIONS in staining due to type of wood products & materials used.
  • Kitchen & Bath are an OPTIONAL EXTRA, and a upgraded cost thru-out home.
  • Any Other Paint Brands requested by homeowner/s and not used by Varsity (Paints and/or Stains) to be purchased by homeowners and warranted by homeowner/s


  • Upgraded Flooring Allowance of $5.07/sq.ft. (Taxes Included)
  • Carpeted Areas: 52-62 oz., 100% Polyester (Permanent Stain Resistant,10 yr. stain & 5 yr. fade resistance warranty, 10 yr. wear and 5 yr. texture & appearance retention) NO WARRANTY ON STAIRS.
  • Carpeted Underlay Areas: 7.5 lb. (3/8 chip foam) underlay.
  • Lino Areas: 10-12 mil. PVC/Urethane coating (Mannington,Armstrong,Congoleum,Tarkett,Domco).
  • Ceramic Tile, Hardwood, Foxwood, Laminate, LVT, LVP Flooring or Tiled Backsplashes, Custom Tiled Showers are ALL OPTIONAL EXTRAS.
  • NOTE: All ceramic tile areas will be finished with Acrylic Quartz Grout  

    NOTE: Any over amounts on allowances to be paid directly to Flooring supplier or settled with a Change Order with Builder.

  • One-Three (1-3) hours complementary design consultation available from Flooring Supplier in selection of flooring or paint colours, in which the flooring is to be supplied by Alfords, GR Distributors or Deal Direct

Exterior Finishes

  • 2-Layer of Tyvek Wrap (1-layer of Drain Wrap & 1-layer of Regular Wrap.) Weather Protection System-up to 12 months of protection from UV degradation from the sun for Stucco Applications and (1-layer of Regular Wrap) for Siding Applications or Equal Building Wrap (air barrier) over 3/8” OSB sheathing on walls.
  • All Exterior Windows and Doors, Flashings, Mid-Floor Seams and Rim Joist are Sealed by Tyvek (Weather Wrap System) and embedding Tyvek Full System Wrap directly into the product.
  • Vinyl siding (Mitten or Kaycan) or Stucco and Stucco Buildouts-Standard colours and Finishes, as per plan.
  • Stucco to be Acrylic ADEX-Prima TEXTURED(Monaco)Product (SmoothTexturean OPTIONAL Extra
  • Upgraded Vinyl, James Hardie, Metal or Aluminum, Siding, Detailed Buildouts, Shakes or Wide Trim, these all are an OPTIONAL EXTRA. Subject to change without Notice.
  • Brick or Cultured Stone – Timberstone-Standards, where shown on plans, is to be an OPTIONAL EXTRA along with Any Upgraded Cultured Stone or Brick
  • Pre-finished aluminum trim around garage doors, as per standard colors.
  • Pre-finished aluminum fascia, Vented-soffits, 5” eaves trough & downspouts as per standard colors. (20 yr. guarantee.)
  • Poured in place concrete step c/w concrete pile (Frt. entry) or as per plan.
  • Aluminum Railing on Open Side of stairs more than 3 risers. Otherwise handrail on wall. Anything Other to be an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • Standard Lumber-Wood stair and handrail at garage to house entry door. Landings where required. Any other landings requested are an OPTIONAL EXTRA.
  • TREX Select Decking or Equal (4 Colour Choices) c/w Aluminum picket railing (White), in place of FRONT ENTRY CONCRETE STEP NOTE: an OPTIONAL EXTRA if Deck Required.

Site Development

  • Final Grade-Lots to be leveled and graded on completion of stucco and driveways with soil that was originally stripped from lot, and left at Rough Grade. No landscaping done or extra soil added to lots
  • Homes with attached garages to have Exposed Aggregate driveways, full width of garage and max. length of 25 ft.
  • Homes with attached garages to have Sidewalks to Frt. entry from driveway to be max. 48” wide-exposed aggregate. NOTE: Any Homes with Detached Garages – Concrete sidewalks or drive approaches to be standard concrete. Exposed aggregate is an OPTIONAL EXTRA and must be stated in Schedule B of the contract or in a change order.
  • Sump pit w/grate (No plumbing or Drain) in garages attached to homes. This does not apply to Detached Garages.
  • Patios or Decks will be an OPTIONAL EXTRA or as per plan.


NOTE: Standard Specifications are subject to change without NOTICE.