We currently don’t own any lots in Maple Ridge but there are still lots available.

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We do not currently have any lots in White City.

There are lots available for purchase and our sales team would love to help you find the perfect lot for your building needs

2953 Narcisse Drive

2949 Narcisse Drive

2945 Narcisse Drive

2941 Narcisse Drive

2905 Narcisse Drive

2901 Narcisse Drive

2853 Narcisse Drive

2849 Narcisse Drive

2910 Rochdale Boulevard

2914 Rochdale Boulevard

2918 Rochdale Boulevard

2922 Rochdale Boulevard

2926 Rochdale Boulevard

2930 Rochdale Boulevard

2934 Rochdale Boulevard

2934 Rochdale Boulevard

2938 Rochdale Boulevard
















719 Third Avenue

726 Third Avenue

724 Third Avenue

3260 Green Water Drive

3256 Green Water Drive

3240 Green Water Drive

3236 Green Water Drive

3232 Green Water Drive

3228 Green Water Drive

3224 Green Water Drive

3220 Green Water Drive

3216 Green Water Drive

3212 Green Water Drive


The Creeks


4318 Wild Rose Drive

4433 Chuka Drive

4633 Chuka Drive

4602 Chuka Drive

4205 E Elderberry Crescent

4208 E Elderberry Crescent

4212 E Elderberry Crescent

4216 E Elderberry Crescent

4220 E Elderberry Crescent

4221 E Elderberry Crescent

4225 E Elderberry Crescent


Park Meadows Estates

34 Hunter Bay


Kensington Greens


1317 Kingbird Road

1321 Kingbird Road

1325 Kingbird Road

1329 Kingbird Road

1401 Kingbird Road

1405 Kingbird Road

1409 Kingbird Road

1413 Kingbird Road

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