Home Maintenance – Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete is an inexpensive way to help your driveway, sidewalk or patio last longer and give it a nice glossy look. You’ve spent a lot of money for that new driveway and the cost to replace it once it is cracked, is stained or the surface begins to flake far out ways the cost of sealer every other year.
Concrete is not impervious to water so when snow melts or rain runs into any hairline cracks it freezes over the cold winter months and thaws in the spring causing cracks to further expand into big noticeable ones. The sealer also protects against stains and helps protect from the road salt picked up on your tires from the roads. It is not recommended to use ice melt on concrete – sealed or not sealed.
On new concrete, it is recommended to wait at least 30 days for the concrete to fully cure before applying sealer. First, you should thoroughly clean the area removing any dirt, debris or stains.
Allow the concrete to fully dry as the sealer will not adhere properly to wet concrete. Stir up your sealer and pour it into a tray then evenly roll the sealer onto the concrete. If you’ve missed spots or are using a thinner material you can apply a second coat at a right angle to your first coat once it has dried. After applying sealer do not use the concrete right away, times will vary based on the brand used. You can also hire a professional as they are experienced and have access to higher quality products.

Home Maintenance – Perennials

Perennials – these are great plants to add to your flower beds as these types of plants come back year after year. Not all perennials like the same conditions though. Some prefer more sun and others thrive in the shade. This is something to be aware of when picking plants, so you don’t have to replace them every year.

Monkshood is a shade to full sun perennial. It grows to being 3-4 feet tall with a spread of about 2 feet, which makes it great for the back of your flower bed. It will peak over your smaller plants to add a pop of color. Since this perennial isn’t picky about being in the sun all the time, that allows you the ability to plant it almost anywhere.

Yarrow is a full sun perennial. This perennial has three color variations including pink, purple and summer pastels. It grows to about 2 feet tall and has a spread of 2 feet, this plant is ideal for the middle towards the back of a full sun flower bed. This plant does not enjoy excessive moist, so it is good to plant similar low watering plants around it for ease when watering. This perennial can grow in poor soil conditions and is considered drought-tolerant.

Blue Ridge Woodland Phlox is a shade to partial shade perennial. It grows to 6-10 inches tall and has a spread of 12 inches. This plant likes evenly moist conditions but does not like standing water. It grows best in acidic soils and likes a nice layer of mulch to help keep in the moisture. This plant isn’t available everywhere as it tends to grow and spread at a fast rate.

Riobel –  Plumbing Fixtures Our New Standard Plumbing Fixtures From Town & Country

Check out our new standard plumbing fixtures that will be featured in our homes by Riobel. Riobel is a Canadian company that was started in Quebec in 1995. Since opening in 1995 they switched over to being more focused on the design of their products in 1999. In 2009, they opened up to the US market. They have continued to grow and in 2014 they opened Riobel Academy – Canada’s first institution with a focus on the science behind faucets.
Riobel today is the result of one man’s passion and dedication passed onto the next generation to continue on his pursuit of excellence, quality and desire to keep innovating and improving product design and functionality.



Bonnie Whitten – Sales Manager

Bonnie Whitten has been with the Varsity Homes team since fall 2007 as a sales consultant and later became the Sales Manager in 2010.
Her passion and talents have helped grow the Varsity Homes brand. Bonnie has a special flair for staging and interior design, this talent helps make Varsity Homes stand out! After she has helped clients build their dream homes, they even ask for tips and advice on decorating their new home.
In her spare time, you can find Bonnie out and about engaging in the Regina Community. Seeing that she is married to CC from Z99. Together, they have taken an active role in many Community events. These events include the Z99’s Radio-a-thon, the Alzheimer’s fall gala, breast cancer events and the Terry Fox run. Just to name a few.
When Bonnie gets some time to herself, you can find her at spin classes, on a yoga mat, hanging out with her kids and grandkids. She can also be found out on the golf course teaching CC a thing or two. Bonnie takes pride in her work and her professionalism.
She can help turn your vision into your dream home.

Lehanne Potts, Mobile Mortgage Specialist with Conexus Credit Union

Hi, I’m Lehanne Potts, Mobile Mortgage Specialist with Conexus Credit Union. I am pleased to be an industry partner with Varsity Homes to offer in-house mortgage solutions.

As a Mortgage Specialist, my objective is to understand YOU, what your goals, plans, and priorities are so I can help you fulfill your dream of Home Ownership.  I have been an independent mortgage broker for 8 ½ years, and I am thrilled that the opportunity came up to join Conexus as I am now part of a team who offers a more holistic ap

proach to your full financial picture, rather than “just mortgages”.   I work hard to find solutions and options for my clients and due to my vast mortgage network and experience, if for some reason Conexus does not have the best solution for you, I can direct you to the professionals who can help.  My services are free and always confidential.  I love it, after meeting with a client, when I hear them say “thank-you – no one has ever taken the time and explained the process so clearly to me before”. I take my responsibility seriously, to provide you with an experience that is as stress less as possible.  You are my priority.

Area Feature

Looking for a quiet neighbourhood with lots of green space? Kensington Greens is for you and your family!

Living well begins with Kensington Greens. Start with a lot that is wider and deeper for more outdoor living space. Choose between a lot that backs green space, one with a rear lane to have a rear attached garage, or one with neighbours across the fence. Continue with one of our qualified local builders.

Kensington Greens has architectural controls to make sure your new home investment is protected for years to come. The neighbourhood features a great deal of green space for children to play and with well lit fenced in walking paths. The area is surrounded with a concrete perimeter wall to help keep down noise. This area is also close to the schools in the Uplands community, as well as to the major outdoor recreational facilities at Mount Pleasant Park. There are plenty of available, affordable lots in Kensington Greens.

The proposed business area will add more amenities within walking distance, and add more value to your dream home.


What’s Trending From GR Flooring

Choosing paint colors for any room can be a challenging but rewarding endeavour! There are so many possibilities to choose from, which can often make for a stressful time.  Here’s some information about a few different color schemes to help you through the process.


 Here are the 4 main simple color schemes to follow when you are choosing paint for any room.  Each color scheme depends on your personal style.

  • The first color scheme, Warm Spaces, includes the warmer colors of the color wheel, such as inviting reds, oranges and yellows.  These colors encourage socializing and activity, which are perfect for spaces you want people to congregate (i.e. living room or dining room).  You can even create a warm space using tans, browns, and grays that have warm undertones.
  • The second color scheme is Cool Combinations.  The cool side of the color wheel is made up of greens, blues and purples.  Palettes featuring these colors create a soothing, calm, tranquil atmosphere that is well suited to relaxing spaces, such as a bathroom, family room, office, or bedroom.
  • Next, you have the Analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are those that appear adjacent on the color wheel. As neighbors, they pair well together and offer a pleasing visual harmony. An example of analogous combinations would be yellow-orange, yellow and yellow-green in the same room. Make sure you have enough contrast when choosing an analogous color scheme.
  • The final color scheme includes Complementary Hues. Complementary colors are any two hues that sit directly opposite on the color wheel.  These would be red and green, or yellow and purple.  Using complementary colors produces a dynamic, lively look because they provide visual contrast and magnify each other’s intensity.


Town & Country Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical – Trade Partner

            Regina and the surrounding area has been well-served by the staff of Town & Country Plumbing, Heating & Electrical since 1963. For 55 years, our team has been keeping the residents of Regina comfortable.

Town & Country is proud to work with Varsity Homes to exceed homeowners expectations in the design and construction of their custom homes.  We complete all aspects of mechanical and electrical systems including plumbing, heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality and electrical systems. We are experts in creating a comfortable and safe home.  We are active on construction sites from framing stage to the final clean.  We start by trenching in plumbing pipes under the concrete slab, designing and installing heating and ventilation ductwork systems and installing water distribution pipes through walls prior to drywall. During the rough-in stage of the home, our team of electricians install electrical system components, data cabling and sound systems.  The homes are completed as we install faucets, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, shower doors and various other finishes. The result is a custom Varsity Home with a Town & Country designed and installed mechanical and electrical system. As continuing service is extremely important to Varsity Homes, Town & Country provides an education seminar to teach customers about their new home. One year after a Varsity Homes’ possession date Town & Country will also complete a T&C Plus precision tune-up on the home’s mechanical equipment.

Town & Country Plumbing, Heating and Electrical is a diverse company ready to handle any job, big or small. We have a complete 24 hours, 7 days a week service department, as well as, a showroom to showcase our products. Drop by and visit us at 1450 South Railway Street in Regina or give us a call at 306-352-HEAT.



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